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And Nicky could no longer bear the pain in the bladder – she imagined what will happen if she’s now opisaetstsa on top of all the middle office in the sight of all employees and collaborators. Nicky then moved over to the chair beside chic that was softer. She was unable to keep fidgeting.
Andy first noticed her strange behavior, and immediately guessed what had happened. Continue reading

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I was twenty-six years old when I met with Larissa. She was my first woman with whom I first experienced the joy of not just of friendship and love, but the joy and pleasure of intimacy. Then I did not believe in the relationship between women know that they exist, but treated this not only a lack of understanding, but even with some disdain. Continue reading

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- Lena – she introduced herself, sitting down to our table. – Can you keep me company, at least for a few minutes. Continue reading

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Mr. meanwhile, put the remote that continued to send lightning into her body, and again went to the trolley. However, she did not even notice. When he came back and turned off the console, she drew attention to the horror that he squeezes his hand.
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- So, back to the lesson of good manners – he said, – when the owner generously slave, she should thank him.
Having said this, he turned one of the levers of the panel and the electrical discharge nipples pierced woman. She wailed.
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