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He slaps me on the ass, and I’m trying to break (because I’m not a whore!). He feels that he is stronger than me, and he likes it. Continue reading

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- I’m sorry – he repeated.
- You know, I remember that we decided, but I want so much, what would you have continued.
She blushed slightly and looked down.
- I also want – honestly he said, and returned to his task.
Mariana used to his cruelty and believed that it is enough that he embodied in life are her fantasy that she could not be implemented with the first available. Continue reading

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- Yumi-chan, stop it! – I pleaded weakening voice.
- Linda-chan so delicious love juice. so I like it!
I felt that my body shall be under guileless affection Yumi. My legs started to weaken, it ran for a pleasant discharge.
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