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After some time I laid her down on her back and sliding his lips began to descend to her yoni. I began to gently lick her inner thighs, picking up the “pussy”. Divine filled with moisture and run down when my lips and touched her Great Yoni. I began to do cunnilingus, feeling the sweet taste of her juices, enjoying them, mixed with my saliva. Continue reading

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- She’s nice. And you?
- Why are you me section?
- And so pleasant – her hands dove into my pants. – Wow! And are you hiding?
- Len, I’m going to come!
- Without me? Not good! – She abruptly sat down by pulling my pants. – Well, no, you really do not understand what you treasure!
“Treasure,” shuddered, aimed squarely at her pretty mouth.
- Come on, stop!
- Len, are you? Continue reading

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And about a year ago we were on the march. Big company, big fire, machinery, many tents. Eating, drinking. Dark. In the course went the song. Amount of alcohol consumed in the beginning I tend to sleep. Lyudka also plucked. I suggest taking her to the side, she agreed. We headed to our tent. I lay down to sleep, but sleep as evil disappeared, had only to lie down. Continue reading

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- Lena – she introduced herself, sitting down to our table. – Can you keep me company, at least for a few minutes. Continue reading

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Martin Barcelona. June 1998
My old dream was to see a bullfight.
And now I am finally here. Thrown their belongings in the hotel room, I decided to go down to dinner. Close I have found a cute cafe. Sitting down at a table, make an order, I began to look around curiously. This new world for me, not at all like the one from which I came. Continue reading