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I do not remember all the road and how we ended up in her room, but only by going into it, we immediately dug lips into each other. Though I did not have until now lesbian experience, yet I gladly hands stroked back and ass Lena. Her hands caressed my neck and cheeks and chin. Without realizing it, my hands slipped under the short skirt and groped Lena these lovely scones round ass, from which I was excited in the afternoon. Continue reading

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At this point, Ira tensed breathed deeply and loudly, her thighs squeezed my head.
- Ahhh – first softly, then louder and louder she moaned.
Their hands, she at first strongly pressed my hands, gently squeezing her breasts, and then threw them away.
- Aaaaaaaoooooh – Ira leaned back, piled on the mother.
- My daughter, my daughter! – Luda wailed, clasping his hands behind Ira and kisses covering her flushed face. Continue reading