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I stood up and began to undress, undoing the buttons, took
shirt, trousers. Slightly hesitated with shorts, hand covered his groin. Aunt
carefully examined me.
- And how much hair will not do, go to the bathroom you will shave.
I crawled to the bathroom and took my aunt and shaving foam. Start
I spread my foam and shave down, and in some places quite dense vegetation. Continue reading

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Member began slowly lifted as a big old beast, feel prey. Natasha took it into his mouth and began to suck. She loved to suck this dick. Strange thing: her heart hated general and thus loves to suck his dick. I love it when he took it with both hands and ears roughly fucked in her mouth. Dick was long and thick, and even some weakness did not prevent him to get to the throat. Continue reading

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Half an hour later, my mom came into my room in black underwear, from what I finally stunned. She asked me if I had a condom I nodded silently and took out prezik table, she smiled and asked, Did I ever prizervativami, to which I replied no, she laughed and told to undress.
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Natasha knelt Dime unzipped pants and underpants pulled down
Dima took member. I must say that it was not the size of a small one.
25-30 centimeters. Natasha’s eyes widened.
- Wow, what a huge! – She said.
- Do your less?
- Much! That’s chlenische! – Admired my slut.
Natasha took the penis in her mouth and began to suck every time
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